So what exactly is a mistake?

The dictionary says it’s an act or judgment that is wrong. So basically all the wrong choices we make can be considered our mistakes.

I remember while growing up, I was told that when you make a wrong choice, you block yourself from the right possibility. As a kid, I was always cautious about what I chose, but at the same time, I also found myself jiggle between the rights and wrongs. Its funny how in a lot of situations THE RIGHT ONES LOOK WRONG AND THE WRONG ONES LOOK PERFECT. It had happened to me a lot that by the time I got the wisdom, I found myself standing over a heap of repeated incorrect choices.

Is making mistakes a terrible thing?

Well, the answer to that would be YES and NO both. Each choice comes with its consequences and going with that I have faced a lot of ill effects for my mistakes. So looking from there I would say YES! Errors are not very pleasant and dealing with blunders is one of the most stringent processes because till the time you realize it you are already overflowing with guilt, failure, and shame.





By above, I mean that even mistakes have a flip side which most of us fail to see. Most of us are prone to make mistakes when we are at an edge or when we are stuck in our lives. Mistakes then shake your world to replace you from where you are stuck. Its like from the side you will either fall or get yourself away at a safe distance. A mistake doesn’t promise a positive shift or to land you at a better place, but it promises a different experience which might melt your frozen feet. So making mistakes can’t be so bad.

But what happens when we repeat the same mistakes?

Repeating anything is a sign of blockage or not growing. Our mistakes don’t define us, but it represents our state of mind. We get stuck when we are not ready to change our self-limiting thoughts when we get attached to our righteousness. Our intention is like a child, it needs reinforcement. Have you ever tried waking up a child for school, they never wake up at once unless you repeat it multiple times? They would negotiate, make excuses till you give them one last warning. Similarly, when we don’t learn wisdom in the first time, it’s because we are stuck in the vicious circle of our choices until life gives us the last warning.


So does mistakes blocks our growth?

One can never grow in their comfort zone and mistakes means trying. Mistakes help us grow out of our shell. But that happens only after we get aware of our choices and are able to differentiate between them.

Mistakes are our building blocks because they direct us to the right things in life by teaching us how we are NOT supposed to do it and when we beat ourself for a mistake we miss the wisdom in it, we miss what life is trying to tell us.




I recently attended a women-oriented event where I got to meet a lot of ladies from different statures and backgrounds. Even though they all came from well-to-do families and boasted of good children, a good husband, there was one more thing familiar between a lot of them – most of them looked unfulfilled. I could sense a lot of emptiness inside them when they spoke of themselves. As they shared, I only heard justifications and excuses {which I am not sure was, for them or me}.

I came back home thinking about them and the missing ingredient in the recipe of our lives. As I tried to dig deeper, the array of emotions took me back in time where I found myself at the same place where I saw these woman standing today.

Suddenly I recalled having a conversation with Mitali {name changed} same evening. I was talking to someone sharing my perspective about women & life in general when I was interrupted by a listener who stood close by, that was Mitali. She told me it’s not as easy as I am making it sound and probably her life differs from mine because of our circumstances – mine must be favorable she quoted.

YES! Mine was favorable because fortunately, I chose to play with my VICTOR CARD whereas Mitali still struggled with the VICTIM CARD.

I just ended the conversation by asking her if she’s happy, to which she answered in a yes. I had nothing more to say, but Mitali looked interested in proving her point to me, so I heard her patiently. When she was through, I smiled at her and told her that nothing matters if she is pleased with herself.


Again the questions remain the same. WHAT IS THE MISSING INGREDIENT? What makes happy women different from the rest? To get the answers I knew I had to thumb through my past.

There was a time when my life was no different from Mitali’s. Like her, I would justify my happiness to everyone and mostly to myself. I dealt with my identity continually questioning who I am. In no time I had become a victim of circumstances. Instead of standing up for myself I stood up for my REASONS.

The good thing about reason is that it approves the situation we are in, making it easy for us to avoid responsibility.

Deep inside I felt as hollow as my version. If anyone would dare confront me about it I would instantly play my victim card blaming everyone around me {well I would not blame anyone directly instead boasted to do it for their happiness, collecting more points in my sympathy bag}. Honestly, I feared the consequences which I might have to face.

My victim card was working well for me, but little I knew that it was working against me. It kept me away from my dreams, it kept me away from who I was, it kept me away from being happy, and it kept me away from the life I aspired to live.

I would remind myself several times that everyone must be happy, but I forgot that I too was a part of everyone. I too deserved happiness like everyone else. Giving up game was now taking a toll on my well-being till one day when I found myself sinking into depression and got severely hit by health issues.

Life requires you to make changes.  It puts you in a place where you must question. It is a journey to discover who we are because you have been created to inspire

I knew it was time for things to change, for me to make changes. But I had no clue how I am supposed to do it. But it was time I took the responsibility of my life.

I started working around the resources I already had and best possible ways to work around those. I began expressing my feelings to those who mattered to me. I started focusing on solutions than to problems. I failed multiple times, faced resistance from loved ones, dealt with self-doubt but I kept myself persistent. I got introduced to my VICTOR CARD. Your victor card is nothing but putting yourself in responsibility and integrating all your strength, courage, and self-love.

Tell me something, would you ever let your loved one give up on things which they really want.

No! Right.

Think about it, why?

You offer your support because you know its important to them. Similarly, you have to tell others how important are your dreams for you. But most of the times we fail here, instead of our victor card we end up using our victim card. We build ourselves with other people’s opinion instead of forming their opinion from our perspective. We confuse self-love with being selfish. We easily hold others responsible for our life but would not take responsibility for ourselves.

That’s when I learned about the missing ingredient in my life’s recipe. It was taking RESPONSIBILITY for my own life.

Responsibility is not only about taking care of others people’s needs, but it has a more significant meaning. It means to stand up and be supportive of yourself also in life.

I am not saying it would be easy and precisely that’s why your dreams must be worth a fight. We are gifted with both the cards, it’s upon us which one to use. Whenever you feel disoriented or unmotivated, sit back and think, maybe its time to change your card, maybe its time to fall in love, maybe its time to make living worthwhile, maybe its time to be happy.



Showered greenery looked greener as if assessing my subjective vision, clouds wrapped around the fireball like a summer jacket, wind touched through my face before it intermingled with my curls. Sometimes it would rain and other times sun would light up at its best, rebelling the gloom-ridden sky. The sea was overwhelmed to see me as a baby in nanny’s lap is to see his mother, ready to jump but is restricted by the one holding him. Each wave landed nearer to me as if inviting me to play.


I have been to Goa a lot of times, every time during peak season but it was different this time as we chose monsoons for our visit. We were looking for a getaway to celebrate my husband’s birthday in August as it collided with a long weekend. We had a few specifications before we finalized a place.

  • Suitable for families, i.e., elders, and kids
  • Had to be very relaxing
  • A place with kids friendly resorts.
  • Luxurious yet budgetary
  • Within India

After a lot of brainstorming, we all decided on Goa. It offered everything we wanted, but our only concern was – Rains! But we anyway went ahead with the bookings with slight apprehension. Since rain was on our mind, we made sure we find an excellent resort to stay just in case we get stuck indoors. And so began our hunt for a memorable weekend.


The biggest challenge was to find a suitable place to stay for everyone as we were a group of diverse age groups. Some people wanted to loiter around; some wanted to relax, some wanted to play in pool & sand. So first we shortlisted north goa, as we all know its full of action, well whatever low action season had to offer.


We first went ahead and booked the tickets which were dust cheap well before our travel dates.we shortlisted north goa keeping everybody’s preference in mind, as we all know its full of action, well whatever low action season had to offer. Also, Northside has a lot of eating joints, pubs and shopping places. Beaches in North Goa are at a shorter distance in comparison to South Goa.

After tickets, we started hunting for accommodation. That was the most challenging part as we wanted something with offered comfort, family friendly, near to the beach. North goa does have a lot of options but nothing was fitting with our expectations, the few which were available were also not fitting the bill. Disappointed, we even thought to change to south goa as it’s a hub to best of resorts. We explored all the travel apps, and luckily we spotted a place which looked great to us. It was a villa hotel. We booked a three bedroom villa which was apt for our whole lot. It also meant we stayed connected and had all the privileges of a hotel too. A pool was located a few steps away right in front of our villa which made it so convenient with kids.


Tickets check! Hotel check!

We were finally ready to beat the weather.

Goa welcomed us with a gloomy face. It took us an hour to reach our hotel in Candolim. The drive was full of greenery, thanks to the ongoing monsoon. The hotel location was perfect, and it was everything that we expected. Our villa was very spacious, and it opened itself to a pool. Our parents wanted to rest, kids wanted to jump into the pool, and we wished to hog. Happiness is when everybody gets what they want. The hotel served the yummiest food and even customized few things for our palate. Lack of sun and moving air made the weather pleasant.

I secretly was loving the low season.


The benefits of traveling during the offseason are many. air tickets, hotels, everything is so dirt cheap in comparison to the high season. Hospitality is at its best due to fewer visitors. Quieter beaches are so blissful. Best time to visit forts etc in my opinion as cloudy weather saves you from the sun.


There are some put-downs as well like party scene is also like the season – OFF! {but since it was a family holiday that anyway was not on our priority list}, no water sports and no beach shacks due to high tide, no weekend flea markets etc.

Goa is a paradise for seafood lover and it is sure to satisfy your appetite be it any season. There are a few lovely restaurants which are a must try if you are in Goa, visit Pousada by the beach on Calangute & Thalassa on Vagator being a few of them {these will be more options during peak season as a lot of them are shut during rains}. They offer the perfect view and satiating flavors which are sure to make your day. SERRADURA is a must try Portuguese dessert.


Taxi is available in ample or you could hire Activa. Make sure you wear your helmet and carry your license all the time to avoid paying a fine. There are a lot of nightclubs like Club Cabana, LPK & SinQ, they are running even during the offseason. Some of the pubs on the main road have live bands or singers which really built up the ambiance and lifts up the low energy of the season, good for families as well but be ready to bear with smoking and sheesha.


Overall, Goa has a vibe which you just can not miss. You can pick your travel season as per your priority. For me, goa is not only a party place but a lot more than that.


If you are a North Indian, especially vegetarian, try only the proper North Indian restaurants as most restaurants can’t make anything else other than Dal Makhni.

Try tasting Serradura at some authentic restaurant rather than from a street-side vendor.

Taxi’s charge as per the time and also as per each destination point.

LPK club has a kids area as well.

Be a responsible traveler. Do not litter on the beaches, please use bins.

Do not drink and drive, hire a cab.

In the end, I would like to add that, Goa is a place to unwind yourself, loosen up a little and go with the flow.

Do tell us about your Goa holiday.



Your goodness and love was the reason which brought us together. Not that we were perfect but we loved each other perfectly, and that was because our intentions were clear. There was nothing wrong with you back then, but as we came close, you were not the same person anymore.
Have you ever noticed
how our skin looks so clear from a distance
but as we look carefully into the mirror
we see our scars so prominently
spoiling our picture perfect look?
Similar things happen in our relationships. In a relationship, when we start everything fits so well without any trace of negativity. It’s that picture perfect look which illusions us to be the only truth. The other person posses all the good qualities which makes him/her perfect for us. Then as time passes our bond strengthens, and we come close, and suddenly we start noticing the scars other have in their limitations, attitudes and overall personality. We are taken aback by this sudden change as if we didn’t know this person before. Its an unusual conflict of realities between what we thought and what we got. It hits our righteousness, and it gets tough for us to accept the character with those marks because they were not a part of the perfect image we chose them with. We further land into the comparison of past and present unaccepting the change and the new side of them.
Before we realize our distance grew smaller, our expectations grew bigger. And we couldn’t believe that this person is the same person whom we liked from a range. We still could not choose this stranger, and in our haste, we tried to return to the same place from where we saw the pleasing picture. We start drifting to get back to our original spot. But no matter where we stand we still hold on to the memory of those scars and the distance never looks good enough, so we sail more n more till the moment we realize we have actually lost the sight of the person itself. We are only left with a void between each other, hard to fill and harder to nil.
Then starts the agony of loss. Agony! Because we never wanted to lose the person in first place. We just wanted to clear him off the scars so he could again be the same person we fell in love with. But we forgot that his marks were as real as he was.
Human beings are not made of bits and pieces rather they are whole and that’s how they are meant to be loved, in wholeness with wholeness.


Have you been trying to lose weight lately?

Your crash diet crashes every week?

Do you give in to the temptation of your favorite food?

Suppression is leading to over-eating?

Well!! If this feels like you then you are on the right page!!

Have you ever given it a thought that how can something which has a word crash in it will help you build the healthy body of your dreams? Well, resistance leads to persistence and suppression leads to overeating. Also, these so-called diets have a short lifespan hence they can’t give you long-term results.

After my second born, I was desperate to lose weight and gave in to some diets which promised fast-track weight loss. Instead of making my body healthy they started making me feel sluggish, irritated and above all HUNGRY all the time. These diets only work on the amount of calories intake ignoring the whole thing about nutrition. As a result, my body produced more acid making me feel more bloated, lethargic and dull because it lacked the nourishment required for a new mom or anyone for that matter.

Well, no doubt I lost a lot of weight within a month or two but couldn’t maintain it in coming months and ended up landing back to square one. My body lacked the stamina to start any workout, my skin looked pale, and I ended up feeling more depressed. It was then that I felt sorry for being so careless about my body and promised to take care of it by making better and wholesome choices for myself.

I am going to share some tips which have made a difference to my health.



download (1)

The best way to start your day is by eating the raw plant-based diet. Whole seasonal fruits, smoothies, sprouts, microgreens, coconut water, nuts, seeds and more aids in the natural cleansing process of the body in the morning which further helps in losing weight. Raw food pushes your energy levels by fueling your body with natural sugar & nutrients. It makes you feel less sluggish and more productive.



Packed food not only makes a hole in your pocket but even dent your health. Processed foods are loaded with refined sugar, salt, and oil which makes your weight stuck. Processing strips away all the nutrients and fiber from the food, and all you are left is with empty calories and chemicals. The ingredient list is also misleading as they have fancy names to make it sound great for, e.g., high-fructose corn syrup is also known as CORN SUGAR which contributes to weight gain and metabolic issues. Please use common sense before buying things labeled as NATURAL, only natural is natural, processed and packed is never natural. Make your choices healthy and wise.



“Early to bed early to rise will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.” It is through personal experience that I can say that a good sleep leads to a better day ahead. Unfortunately, we are playing with our bodies by not providing it with adequate rest. Our body gets into repair mode while we are asleep and it freshens up our mind for the next day. At one point in time, I used to have lots of late nights but the next day always started at the same time. I found myself irritated and tired in the morning. Would not feel motivated to do my exercise or go for my morning walk. My concentration was weak, and I felt lethargic all the time. I tried to compensate by eating sugar-rich processed food, and in no time I was feeling bloated and super unhealthy. Sleep deprivation actually puts you in a detrimental vicious circle. A relaxing eight-hour sleep is a must to replenish our body and overall health.


images (1)

Working out does not always mean hitting the gym or lifting those weights. Well, a workout for me means putting your body into a “calorie burn mode.” There are so many ways to do that, join a Dance, Zumba or yoga class, if you can’t go out then do it at home, find a workout buddy, go take a walk or any such thing which you love doing. Exercise in any form is mood uplifter because it makes you feel great about yourself. It is well researched that people who workout daily also consume fewer calories. Don’t make excuses just get into action.



Well, that’s the most common advice which everyone has given to everyone. But most of us fail in infusing it into our lifestyle. I fill three, 3 liters bottles for myself in the morning which I must finish till evening. It’s like setting a target for yourself and to keep a reality check too. Hydration is very essential for our bodies to function correctly. Drinking water helps washing out toxins out of your body and also relieve constipation. Hence, boosting your weight loss. If you don’t like drinking plain water, then make some flavored concoctions with natural fruits, herbs, lemon, etc.



I make sure I finish my dinner at least 3 hours before I go to bed to give ample time for digestion to happen. A late meal can cause heartburn or make you feel bloated due to undigested food as our metabolism slows down at night. But when you go to bed with a light stomach, then you sleep better and wake up fresh. Also, its one of the most effective ways to get a healthy body.



Last but not the least is to do things which make you happy. Take some time out exclusively for yourself no matter how busy you are. Remember a healthy body is a reflection of a happy mind.

If you would see, then all the above things are interlinked. One thing leads to another and other. Good health is not only about the number on your weighing scale but its more than that. Also because health is not just about the body but also about the mind and spirit. To keep our bodies healthy its very important to have a healthy mind and thought process.

So, when would you start your health journey? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below. You can also share your health secret with us too.



Cold winter morning and a warm cup of tea…

A hot summer day and a cold ice tea…

Conversations and a cup of tea…

Feeling tired and a refreshing cup of tea…

Tea is such a versatile drink that it can fit into any season/moment of our lives. But term tea is often used as a substitute for caffeine. Even though caffeine is mostly safe if used moderately but too much caffeine intake can also interfere with the normal functioning of the body.

I have always been a tea lover be it warm or cold, and over the years I have learned to add health to my daily dose of caffeine.

The recipes I will be sharing are perfect for vegans and also for people who want to avoid the dreadful refined sugar.


WELL !! WHY BUY? When you can make one easily at home.

The recipes below are made of natural ingredients. You can have them either hot or cold as per your preference, and they also taste great without caffeine.


The aromatizing nature of this shrub-like herb is therapeutic. The sweet and lemony scent soothes your nerves and instantly refreshes your mood.


Water – 2 cups {for one cup as the water burns}

Fresh Lemongrass Stalks – 2-3 stalks, cut into smaller pieces {if fresh is unavailable you can also use dried stalks}

Holy Basil leaves – 2  {also, known as TULSI in India}

Ginger – 1-inch shredded

Lemon tea bag – 1 bag

Sweetener – Organic jaggery powder or honey {optional, as per your taste}


Pour water into the pan. After the water starts boiling add lemongrass and holy basil to it. Let it cook for 5 mins. Simmer the flame and add ginger to the concoction. Cover the lid and let it remain for another 5 mins. Switch off the flame and let it rest for another 2 mins. Till then prepare the cup by putting a tea bag {optional} in it. Open the lid, strain the hot concoction into the cup. Add your preferred sweetener to it. If you would like it cold, then allow it to cool down and add some ice to it.


An orangey cin-ful tea rich in vitamin C & A. Orange peel boosts immunity and Cinnamon has inflammatory properties and is beneficial for heart health. Makes a refreshing iced tea for a summer day.


Water – 2 cups  {for one cup as the water burns}

Orange – 1 Peel and Slices separated {remove the pith as might make the tea bitter}

Rolled SriLankan Cinnamon – 1 inch {if Srilankan cinnamon is unavailable then use a regular one}

Earl Grey tea bag – 1 bag

Orange Flavoured Honey or Honey – as per your taste {optional}

Lemon Wedges 2-3

Mint Leaves – few


Separate the orange peel and take out juice from the slices. Pour water into the pan. After the water starts boiling add orange peel and cinnamon to it. Simmer the flame and cover the lid and let it remain for 5 mins. Switch off the flame and let it rest for another 2 mins. Till then prepare the cup by putting a tea bag(optional) in it. Open the lid, strain the hot concoction into the cup. Mix orange juice and honey to it. Add lemon wedges and mint leaves for added flavor.  If you would like it cold, then allow it to cool down and add some ice to it.


Rose has numerous benefits. It provides nourishment to hair and skin. It has anti-oxidant properties. Also, it helps to relax the central nervous system.


Water – 2 cups {for one cup as the water burns}

Edible fresh rose petals – 1 Cup {if fresh is unavailable you can also use dried rose petals, 1/2 spoon}

Holy Basil leaves – 3-4 {also, known as TULSI in India}

Cinnamon stick – 1-inch {optional}

Black or Green Tea Bag – 1 bag {optional}

Sweetener – Organic jaggery powder or honey {optional, as per your taste}


If using fresh then cut the white tip off the rose petals to avoid making it bitter. Pour water into the pan. After the water starts boiling add rose petals, holy basil, and cinnamon to it. Boil till the rose petals turn dark. Switch off the flame and strain the hot concoction into the cup. Add your preferred tea bag if you like. If you would like it cold, then allow it to cool down and add some ice to it. Garnish with some rose petals.


Its also known for its detoxification properties. Helps in respiratory issues. Calms a sore throat and also aids digestion.


Water – 2 cups {for one cup as the water burns}

Ginger – 2-inch shredded

Lemon – half

Mint tea bag – 1 bag {OPTIONAL}

Sweetener – Organic jaggery powder or honey {optional, as per your taste}


Pour water into the pan. After the water starts boiling add ginger to it. Let it boil for 5 mins. Cover the lid and let it remain for another 5 mins. Till then prepare the cup by putting a tea bag {optional} in it. Open the lid, pour the hot concoction into the cup along with ginger. Squeeze lemon in it and add your preferred sweetener to it. If you would like it cold, then allow it to cool down and add some ice to it.





Driving amidst the rocky yet picturesque mountains of Ladakh, I realized why it is called “Heaven on Earth.” Each and every scene you hold in your eyes is so vast and overwhelming that you suddenly find your self-conceit ego shrinking and it literally leaves you breathless. It’s tough to tell whether the mountains have risen up or is it the sky who has descended to embrace the colorful sierras of Ladakh.



Ladakh is full of scenic spots, water bodies, mountain ranges, monasteries. Yet it is not a regular tourist spot or a hill station. Ladakh is an experience which is tough to be jotted down in words.

The biggest concern people have while traveling to Ladakh is LOW OXYGEN LEVEL. However, complete two days rest will help you acclimatize with this issue, especially if you are traveling by air. Remember not to skip this process even though you feel fine after landing because in some time you might feel symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, nausea, suffocation etc. But there’s nothing to worry, give your body some time or you can speak to your guide or hotel staff. Traveling by road will get you accustomed to the climate more easily as you have gradually risen to the altitude. Also, it is mostly in the mind. Keep yourself well hydrated.


As per my personal experience, Ladakh is “Not about the destination but about the journey.”  You will majorly find yourself on road in Ladakh driving through the most beautiful landscapes. Expect anything between 3-6 hours on an average to visit the major destinations such as Nubra valley, Khardungla, Changla, Pangong.  

For a smooth journey, good roads are a must which is well-taken care in Ladakh by two major organizations. You would find witty road signs by BRO & HIMANK.


There are VERY LESS ENROUTE FACILITIES like places to eat & toilets. You would find small family run restaurants serving maggie, rice dishes, tea etc. Except for Leh, I would not recommend eating non-veg elsewhere as the raw material supply to restaurants takes time to reach. You will find very basic toilets in these restaurants. AVOID USING PUBLIC TOILETS AT MAJOR TOURIST SPOTS as they are unsanitary. You are supposed to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. However, it will create an urge to release and you might not find any toilets around, so during urgency do not hold yourself and find a spot behind any huge rock or woods.


ARMY ARMY EVERYWHERE as you are around the major border area.


-one of the quotes I came across during my visit to THE HALL OF FAME.


There are NO LUXURY ACCOMMODATIONS in Ladakh but small basic hotels are quite comfortable. There are daily life challenges in Ladakh due to its geographical setup that is also faced by hotels sometimes, so always remember you are in Ladakh and not in a city loaded with fancier options.


A hub for BUDDHIST MONKS & MONASTERIES. The whole of Ladakh is decorated with colorful prayer flags and they look so beautiful fluttering with the wind. They believe that a prayer is said as the wind blows through them. Visit LAMAYURU to understand the religion at its best. If you are looking for a dose of enlightenment and luck is by your side, you might encounter a RAIPONCHE {reincarnation of a great soul.}



APRIL – MID-SEPTEMBER is the best time to visit Ladakh, JULY & AUGUST being the best months. Don’t worry about monsoon as being a cold dessert, Ladakh doesn’t experience a lot of rain.


  • Visit NURLA VALLEY and experience hall of fame, magnetic hill, confluence, moonland, pathar saheb gurudwara etc on your way.
  • KHARDUNGLA PASS, the highest motorable road in the world.
  • NUBRA VALLEY for sand dunes and double hump camels.
  • The most scenic place to visit is  PANGONG LAKE {3 idiot fame}
  • RIVER RAFTING at the Zanskar river.
  • visit the CONFLUENCE.
  • Try ginger lemon tea.
  • Try the ladakhi food.
  • Try any GERMAN BAKERY.



AVOID TAKING KIDS as I have already mentioned it’s not a regular hill station. Younger kids cant explain if they are feeling unwell.

DO NOT LITTER the place when you visit. Due to increased tourism, you would find plastic bottles, cans, polybags at the major tourist areas. LET IT REMAIN A HEAVEN.

TAKE AMPLE OF REST in Leh to avoid getting unwell. Talk to your doctor before planning a trip.

DO NOT sleep during en route.



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