Showered greenery looked greener as if assessing my subjective vision, clouds wrapped around the fireball like a summer jacket, wind touched through my face before it intermingled with my curls. Sometimes it would rain and other times sun would light up at its best, rebelling the gloom-ridden sky. The sea was overwhelmed to see me as a baby in nanny’s lap is to see his mother, ready to jump but is restricted by the one holding him. Each wave landed nearer to me as if inviting me to play.


I have been to Goa a lot of times, every time during peak season but it was different this time as we chose monsoons for our visit. We were looking for a getaway to celebrate my husband’s birthday in August as it collided with a long weekend. We had a few specifications before we finalized a place.

  • Suitable for families, i.e., elders, and kids
  • Had to be very relaxing
  • A place with kids friendly resorts.
  • Luxurious yet budgetary
  • Within India

After a lot of brainstorming, we all decided on Goa. It offered everything we wanted, but our only concern was – Rains! But we anyway went ahead with the bookings with slight apprehension. Since rain was on our mind, we made sure we find an excellent resort to stay just in case we get stuck indoors. And so began our hunt for a memorable weekend.


The biggest challenge was to find a suitable place to stay for everyone as we were a group of diverse age groups. Some people wanted to loiter around; some wanted to relax, some wanted to play in pool & sand. So first we shortlisted north goa, as we all know its full of action, well whatever low action season had to offer.


We first went ahead and booked the tickets which were dust cheap well before our travel dates.we shortlisted north goa keeping everybody’s preference in mind, as we all know its full of action, well whatever low action season had to offer. Also, Northside has a lot of eating joints, pubs and shopping places. Beaches in North Goa are at a shorter distance in comparison to South Goa.

After tickets, we started hunting for accommodation. That was the most challenging part as we wanted something with offered comfort, family friendly, near to the beach. North goa does have a lot of options but nothing was fitting with our expectations, the few which were available were also not fitting the bill. Disappointed, we even thought to change to south goa as it’s a hub to best of resorts. We explored all the travel apps, and luckily we spotted a place which looked great to us. It was a villa hotel. We booked a three bedroom villa which was apt for our whole lot. It also meant we stayed connected and had all the privileges of a hotel too. A pool was located a few steps away right in front of our villa which made it so convenient with kids.


Tickets check! Hotel check!

We were finally ready to beat the weather.

Goa welcomed us with a gloomy face. It took us an hour to reach our hotel in Candolim. The drive was full of greenery, thanks to the ongoing monsoon. The hotel location was perfect, and it was everything that we expected. Our villa was very spacious, and it opened itself to a pool. Our parents wanted to rest, kids wanted to jump into the pool, and we wished to hog. Happiness is when everybody gets what they want. The hotel served the yummiest food and even customized few things for our palate. Lack of sun and moving air made the weather pleasant.

I secretly was loving the low season.


The benefits of traveling during the offseason are many. air tickets, hotels, everything is so dirt cheap in comparison to the high season. Hospitality is at its best due to fewer visitors. Quieter beaches are so blissful. Best time to visit forts etc in my opinion as cloudy weather saves you from the sun.


There are some put-downs as well like party scene is also like the season – OFF! {but since it was a family holiday that anyway was not on our priority list}, no water sports and no beach shacks due to high tide, no weekend flea markets etc.

Goa is a paradise for seafood lover and it is sure to satisfy your appetite be it any season. There are a few lovely restaurants which are a must try if you are in Goa, visit Pousada by the beach on Calangute & Thalassa on Vagator being a few of them {these will be more options during peak season as a lot of them are shut during rains}. They offer the perfect view and satiating flavors which are sure to make your day. SERRADURA is a must try Portuguese dessert.


Taxi is available in ample or you could hire Activa. Make sure you wear your helmet and carry your license all the time to avoid paying a fine. There are a lot of nightclubs like Club Cabana, LPK & SinQ, they are running even during the offseason. Some of the pubs on the main road have live bands or singers which really built up the ambiance and lifts up the low energy of the season, good for families as well but be ready to bear with smoking and sheesha.


Overall, Goa has a vibe which you just can not miss. You can pick your travel season as per your priority. For me, goa is not only a party place but a lot more than that.


If you are a North Indian, especially vegetarian, try only the proper North Indian restaurants as most restaurants can’t make anything else other than Dal Makhni.

Try tasting Serradura at some authentic restaurant rather than from a street-side vendor.

Taxi’s charge as per the time and also as per each destination point.

LPK club has a kids area as well.

Be a responsible traveler. Do not litter on the beaches, please use bins.

Do not drink and drive, hire a cab.

In the end, I would like to add that, Goa is a place to unwind yourself, loosen up a little and go with the flow.

Do tell us about your Goa holiday.


Author: ThePinkSoul

"Aspirations are only realized when conditions are revised."

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