Your goodness and love was the reason which brought us together. Not that we were perfect but we loved each other perfectly, and that was because our intentions were clear. There was nothing wrong with you back then, but as we came close, you were not the same person anymore.
Have you ever noticed
how our skin looks so clear from a distance
but as we look carefully into the mirror
we see our scars so prominently
spoiling our picture perfect look?
Similar things happen in our relationships. In a relationship, when we start everything fits so well without any trace of negativity. It’s that picture perfect look which illusions us to be the only truth. The other person posses all the good qualities which makes him/her perfect for us. Then as time passes our bond strengthens, and we come close, and suddenly we start noticing the scars other have in their limitations, attitudes and overall personality. We are taken aback by this sudden change as if we didn’t know this person before. Its an unusual conflict of realities between what we thought and what we got. It hits our righteousness, and it gets tough for us to accept the character with those marks because they were not a part of the perfect image we chose them with. We further land into the comparison of past and present unaccepting the change and the new side of them.
Before we realize our distance grew smaller, our expectations grew bigger. And we couldn’t believe that this person is the same person whom we liked from a range. We still could not choose this stranger, and in our haste, we tried to return to the same place from where we saw the pleasing picture. We start drifting to get back to our original spot. But no matter where we stand we still hold on to the memory of those scars and the distance never looks good enough, so we sail more n more till the moment we realize we have actually lost the sight of the person itself. We are only left with a void between each other, hard to fill and harder to nil.
Then starts the agony of loss. Agony! Because we never wanted to lose the person in first place. We just wanted to clear him off the scars so he could again be the same person we fell in love with. But we forgot that his marks were as real as he was.
Human beings are not made of bits and pieces rather they are whole and that’s how they are meant to be loved, in wholeness with wholeness.

Author: ThePinkSoul

"Aspirations are only realized when conditions are revised."

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